EasyAccounting (CANADA) for use with FileMaker Pro Versions 17 thru 13

EasyAccounting with FileMaker Pro (Canada) is a full double-entry accounting solution written for Canadian Users. It is compliant with Canada's unique Sales Tax System with the applicable GST, HST, PST and/or QST tax types and rates automatically calculated for transactions. A special Canadian Province Tax Table has been included under the Settings screen for the entry of each Province tax type and rate nation-wide. Each transaction automatically calculates tax type and rate by the delivery Province and tracks both paid and collected sales tax by the Canadian Tax types (GST, HST, PST, and QST).

It is provided UNLOCKED with FULL ACCESS PRIVILEGES to all database definitions, allowing unlimited modifications and enhancements, including integration into another existing FileMaker Pro database.

The entire User Interface is provided here so you can see exactly what the solution looks before you Buy for ONLY $225 using any credit card or PayPal.

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Login enables navigation menu tabs...

Logout Login
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Settings and Preferences for Company, Users, Taxes, Products, System, and Developer...

Company Users Taxes
Products System Developer
Timeslips Utilities
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General, Receivable and Payable Ledgers...

General Ledger Receivable Ledger Payable Ledger
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General, Sales and Purchase Journals...

General Journal Sales Journal (Sale Transaction) Sales Journal (Credit Transaction)
Sales Journal (Payment Transaction Sales Journal (Refund Transaction) Purchase Journal (Purchase Transaction)
Purchase Journal (Credit Transaction Purchase Journal (Payment Transaction) Purchase Journal (Refund Transaction)
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Quote, Invoice, Credit Memo, Purchase Order, Vendor Bill and Check...

Quote Quote Invoice
Invoice Credit Memo Credit Memo
Purchase Order Purchase Order Vendor Bill
Vendor Bill Check Check
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Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and
Profit & Loss Statement...

Trial Balance Balance Sheet Profit & Loss

General, Receivable and Payable
Ledger Account Inquiries...

General Ledger Account Inquiry Receivable Ledger Account Inquiry Payable Ledger Account Inquiry

General, Sales and Purchase
Journal Transaction Inquiries...

General Journal Inquiry Sales Journal Inquiry Purchase Journal Inquiry

Customer Forms Inquires...
  Quote, Invoice, Credit Memos

Quote Inquiry Invoice Inquiry Credit Memo Inquiry

Vendor Form Inquires...
  (Purchase Orders, Vendor Bills, Checks)

Purchase Order Inquiry Vendor Bill Inquiry Check Inquiry

Customer Statements...

Customer Statements
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Database Definitions

Relationships, Scripts, Tables...

Relationships Scripts Tables