Consulting Services

Tech Support & Programming Services

Purchase technical support or programming services to get help in reverse-engineering the solution quickly, or suggestions and examples on how to do an integration into another database, or make any custom modification or enhancement you desire.

The billable rate for either technical support or programming services is $100 per hour. You can acquire any quantity of hours using any credit card or PayPal.

For technical support, most clients acquire 5 hours, which our experience has been more than sufficient to help intermediate and advanced FileMaker users learn all of the database definitions behind the scenes.

For programming services, most clients acquire 25 hours to integrate the accounting template into their existing database solution.

The solution is written with a simplified naming and organizing convention for all database definitions (Tables, Fields, Relations, Layouts, Scripts) purposely so even intermediate FileMaker users can learn the solution quickly. You do not need to be an advanced user to reverse-engineer this basic database solution.

It is well written and also serves as a great learning tool for those FileMaker users expanding their design and programming abilities.